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strangefour May 6th
    *sigh* Trying to get back on schedual is harder than I thought. I forgot how long it takes to draw a comic. Well and style evolution hasn't speeded up yet. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon.
    Tune in tomorrow for more than this quick rough of what is to come.
strangefour April 18th
    Ore no kono te ga hikatte unaru! Omae wo taose to kagayaki sakebu! Kudake! Hissatsu! Shininguu Fingaaaa!
    Weather is hot. . . and humid. . . air conditioner not in window. . . brain mush @_@
    I will officially be back to drawing comics next week. Since I finally finished downloading every episode of G Gundam onto my cramped lil' harddrive. Which was eating up some of my processing/free time. *looks at MFiA and waits for Toonami to start showing G Gundam* I get the feeling summer is gonna feel reeeaaallly looonnng.
    . . . I had a link I wanted to share. But I can't seem to find it now. . . ergh!!!
strangefour April 8th
    Ummm. . . woops. It's been a while. n_n;;;
    I'm not gonna tell ya all why the comic has been dead to the world lately. SInce first off it complicated. Secondly it personal. And thirdly I found out after one week the reason my scanner wasn't working was that the cord connecting it to my tower came out of the socket-_-
    Anywho comics will be back sometime this month. Be patient I gotta straiten a lil' bit out first^-^
strangefour February 27
    Hello from the village of the damned. *cough* Well atleast that's how I feel anyway. From the sick bed of the dilussional is a more accurate discription. I finally have doctor prescribed medacine in me now. This past week has been one of few times when NyQuil hasn't cut it. And now that said medicine has kicked in a lil' I feel good enough to type without going off on feverish tangents. . . Ooh, look a shiny quarter!
    *shakes head* . . . *sinuses start orbiting skull* Anyway I hope the chicken soup, hot tea, and bed rest will get me somewhat near normal by the weekend. I miss drawing comics. Staring at the doodled attempts by my flu to communicate with me just aren't the same. *wraps blanket up to head* Good night all, and don't you get sick.
strangefour February 19
    Valentines day, Chinese New Year, Presidents day, among other things have culminated in a dead forum:( Apparently since I haven't been able to get there in quite a few days. And this page was down atleast yesterday for a while. So I said "blah!" this weekend to drawing a comicfor Tuesday. For this I appologies. I'll start wandering back to the plot quick like a bunny next time. I thought about other stuff I can/should/will do, mainly for Otakon come the end of July. I want to have a few suprises for then:)
    You can always go look at this place. Or anynumber of other things I keep forgetting to write down or bookmark when I find.
    Addendum: w00t! |\|3\/\/ p|-|0ru/\/\!
    And I noticed something today: First, second, and now. The life leason from this: making Rodney cry is fun:)
strangefour February 12
    First off: Happy Valentines day to everyone. May yours be full of joy and love.
    Secondly: Keenspace seems to be running funny again (atleast for me). So you can see today's comic here.
strangefour February 05
    Welcome to February! Yet another month I can be comicly tardy in:P But then you're used to that. You always get comics every week. Just not on any set schedual (I'm doing this for fun and for free, what do you expect?).
    My recent coming have been brought to you by el Presidente Moore, Ninjas, and the letter the letter N. So have some fun and you will get some stripping later. *waves*
strangefour January 28
    *spits out root beer*
    Gee, I go away for a weekend and leave an unfinished comic behind. I just went to have some birthday hangtime with my friends. Ya know playing games (Dynasty Warriors 3 again), watching anime (Yu Yu Hakusho with bad Hong Kong subtitles), at some great food (mmm, udon noodles), and saw the a movie (KUNG POW, the best bad dub ever!).
    But when I come back what to my wondering eyes should apear? It's Great Teacher Onizuka and eight tiny Dilgear. . . Um, wait no:P I mean I got plugged by Largo. Thus I get more than usual traffic on an underdone strip. *sigh* All because I used my perverse sense of humor against Largo. Heh heh, guess he's not so innocent after all:P
    Oh and here's abonus drawing. Since I'm taking my birthday off:P
strangefour January 24
    Ha! All you kids and your millions of colors, and leagues of mega pixels, and fathoms of DPI. Well back in my day on computers we had two colors. Black and not black. Sure at first it was just white, but later on we got green. Then we just had to tweak a knob and get some other grainy shades. Like puke yellow. Bah! You don't know from the good ol' days. When a Comodore 64 was the most power piece of hardware. Now that was a mans computer. We didn't need any of these stinking "hard drives" you go on about now a days. We just had five and a half inches of floppy. And we were happy to have it! Now I see these "flat screens" and "liquid crystals" and computer cases in colors other than light neutral tan. Makes me want to fsck a scuzzy:P
    Oh, and I didn't have time to color the strip what with a house guest, talking to other 'toonists, chatting online with ol' college buds, and flirting with a fine lady. But that will be rectified when I can get back to my Dellzilla, King of the Motherboards!
strangefour January 22
    This comic strip is based (mostly) upon true events. No convention guests were harmed in the making of this comic strip. No real names are mentioned to protect the innocent. . . Well actually since it was a Hentai Panel, I have to assume no one there was a truely an innocent. And hopefully this will be funny to people who weren't at Ohayocon. Because if you were this could be really damn funny:) . . . though there were only like half a dozen people at that panel, cowards:P
    Hopefully the Keeniverse will be more stable for the rest of the week, once our move/upgrade of servers is done.
strangefour January 18
    Ugh. This strip took waaaaaaaay too looooooong to do:( I did have fun doing it though:D I wanted to add more dialog balloons but didn't want to clutter up the grand vista that is a dealers room full of otaku omake. I got the wallscroll, box art, & CDs pictures from lil' picts at Image Anime. Plus a few random picts on my HD.
    Umm, I guess I'll have to put up some bonus sketches done at the con to make up for ye' lack of comic Tuesday. *sticks in Gekigenger CD* "Inserting Disk! Switching Unit! ON!"
strangefour January 15
    Thee first for this weeks two comics is taking a lil' bit of extra time. Due to *choose the answer you like best* :
A) the complexity of the drawing itself
B) overly long bus ride induced back pains
C) the fact that I'm playing with my new CDs & Mazinger Z model
D) mentally occupied by all the cute cosplay co-eds
E) I ate at Chichis
    SO basically I'm a lil' behind schedual for a while. The wait should be worth all the interesting ideas that came out of this trip.
strangefour January 10
    Unless the Keeniverse burps, there should be a comic here Friday.
    "OhayoCon here I com, far from where I started from." *whistles a loony tune*
strangefour January 08, 2002
    Yup I'm finally back to making comics. Go rejoice naked in the streets. Come on go. Especially if there is snow on the ground.
    Oh yeah, come this weekend I'll be at OhayoCon. Getting my ass kicked in the SNK vs Cap Tournament and generally just milling about looking for Mazinger Z goodies. Should have a comic finished before I leave.
    I've been having fun with all my X-mas presents too boot. But mostly my new Wacom drawing tablet .
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