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strangefour December 28
    Incase you hadn't noticed, I'm onna holiday break. I'll get back to stripping as late as a week after New Years. Basically whenever I have time to sit and write/draw/color a comic.
    Feel free to go in the forum and chat. I'll be in there and various other places online. *maniacal laughter* BWAHAhahahaha!
    And happy B-day lil' Lisa:)
strangefour December 10
    Welcome back to another episode of intermitent comics:P
    Filler sketch #2. Early versions of Kennith, Vey, Nigel, and the cousin/intern. Vey was the only one that really turned out right (I drew him alot in early stages since he was visually a twisted version of me). Well and the Pikachu being squeezed:P Comic ain't done yet tune in later this week.
    *goes back to AIMing with friends and doodling Texas Mech*
strangefour December 10
    Headache. *sniffles* Satring at screen make SPLITTING headache:(
    Look at some comics I recently found instead: Amuse Me! (cute girls draw it, makes me laugh), Self-Insert (has fun with Lina Inverse), Vet on the Net (it's back, huzzah), and Mac Hall (can't remember if I linked before).
    And Happy Chanukah:)
strangefour December 07
    No consoles were harmed in the making of this comic strip. However a controller was hurled across a room.
    Actually I don't know any one with an X-box. Or anyone who wants an X-box. No Gamecubes either (though if I can play my GBA Super Robot Wars A on the big screen some how, I would). All PS2s with my peeps. I guess we are just tired and fed up with racing games, FPSs, sports games, fighters with lame game machanics, and just plain crap:P
    Feel free to argue your own point in the forum. I'm going back to my happy SNK game playing DC to play my new Garou: Mark of the Wolves. "POTATO WAVE!" *grummble* Stupid Birdman:[
strangefour November 29
    I've decided to institute a new policy. If for some reason a comic isn't done on time (yet I am near a scanner), I'll give you an Omake Sketch day. Omake! Omake! Omake! And a picture of the Gorillaz, sans Murdoc.
    The sketch above is of early designs for Kassandra and Marylyn. They were rejected for being "too damn skinny" or "just plain not right" or "Marylyn should not look that happy."
strangefour November 29
    Feh! Internet Explorer was acting like the internet wasn't there. And Netscape was a few versions behind and slow as hell. So a downloading frenzy on a lil' modem kind of ate up computer time. Needless to say comi will be up later tomorrow. Oh well another day late and a dollar short makes this week consistent:P
    *goes back to bloody smegging updates*
strangefour November 26
    I would like to dedicate this strip to Jet Li. For kicking his own ass. Zathras thanks you.
    And remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. . . I just wish I was holding a booty:P
strangefour November 26
    Well it's 10 o'clock and Crossing Jordan is about to come on. Sitting in front of me is a throbbing headache. Beyond that is tomorrows comic strip. I might be able to finish it by midnight. *sniffle* *grabs tissue* *blows* But I kinda doubt it.
    Relax there will be two strips this week. I'm just not gonna push myself to have them done at the cost of sleep. I like making people laugh and think, but my own fun comes first:P And I did have a lot of fun with friends and family this long holiday weekend that has inspired me in so many interesting ways. *wink*
strangefour Turkey-day
    Let's see. I'm thankful for The latest Terry Goodkind book (The Pillars of Creation), cheesecake, the invention of the pencil, turkey induced comas, the invention of Photoshop, my friends and family. And ofcourse Super Robot Wars A:P
    In case you haven't noticed I didn't put up a comic for Thanksgiving. I was lazy and having fun:P *pthhhhbt* Maybe I'll put up a sketch or something on the weekend.
strangefour November 20
    After nidnight. Not done with all coloring and stuff. Eh. Put up what done. Add more tomorrow.
    *collapses into bed*
strangefour October 1
    Vilkomen du Oktober Fest! Vo bist du? Zer gut!
    Ye' comics shall return shortly. I hath been toiling away at various things as of late. All of which were brought about due to a copious amount of pondering. I hath been carving walking sticks, doodling aimlessly, and conjuring up many an idea.
    I'z done be going ta Vermont dis weeken'. So be chilling for now, ah'ight.
strangefour September 11
    I'm not feeling in a humorous mood at all. Infact I'm only feeling a mix of anger and sadness right now.
    How I feel.
    No comics for this week.
strangefour September 6
    Well unfortunetally you guys that keep coming back are probably used to this: no comic:(
    To cut a lot of involved side notes off: I remembered this week that I have a few pictures I planned on drawing for some peeps. A few I've been putting off for quite a while. I'm also thinking about taking comissions from other than my friends. When and if I find time to squeeze them between my own odd side projects (currently considering writing a novel or atleast novella).
strangefour September 3
    Seeing as how it's Labor Day and I don't wanna do anymore laboring, the comic will be up late Tuesday or Wednesday.
    I hope everyone saw Daft Punk and Gorillaz vids on Friday on Toonami and saw Cowboy Bebop on Adult Swim Sunday night. Me I taped 'em:D So I can watch it forever and ever and till I find a way to burn them on a CD (need video card).
    As far as I'm concerned Cowboy Bebop was the only good thing on adult swim. And I mean really good. Trigun and Martian Sucessor Nadesico good. So far Ein is my favorite character:P But then Faye isn't there yet:)
strangefour August 30
    Notice it sez, "Now twice a week. Tuesday & Fridays, only bigger:P" up there now^^;
    Laika likes Sputnik 7. And so do I. Even though I didn't watch Blood: The Last Vampirewhen it was on there yesterday. I am however pleased that they have giant retro robots (Giant Robo), Go Nagai goodness (Violence Jack, & Devilman), and some good ol' ninja flicks. So go play:P
    Seems like Toonami is having a special Midnight Run of Music. I for one am going to tape it for Gorillaz alone. Since I have only ever caught the last 10 seconds of Clint Eastwood on Mtv, the musicless network. Seeing the premiere of the fourth Darf Punk/Leiji Matsumoto (which I have seen) will be a great bonus though.
    "I'm happy. I'm feelin' glad. I got sunshine inna bag."
strangefour August 20
    This is my brain.
    This is my brain after talking to a geneticist.
    Any questions ?
strangefour August 13
    Otakon was waaay too much fun:D
    I'm still catching up on sleep from the drive though. I'll talk more about it in the forums.
strangefour August 08
    *sigh* Keenspace is being a real pain in the... Anyway nobody can see the comic apparently. *shrug* I'll get it fixed at some point. I'm not even sure if this will show up:(
    On a lighter not. The tables have turned. It looks like I am going to OTAKON:) For Saturday atleast when I will attempt to hunt down Ian J, Hot Soup, Piro & Largo, Adam Warren, Fred Perry, and other random comic fiends.
strangefour August 06
    I had a really fun weekend visiting with friends. Thusly the comic will be late. There will be two comics by the end of the week. Then I go to OTAKON, or more likely my friend's apartment warming party this Saturday. A +6 hour drive down to Baltimore on short planning by myself doesn't seem to have a high likely hood at this point:( Also Samurai Jack is premiering on the 11th. Everything seems to be converging on that day.
    Lem "Hot Soup" Pew launched Winter today. *deep breath* Ah, online comic goodness. Go visit it, it makes me feel humble.
h4xx0r 4p0c4lyps3
Hacked by the Chinese
    Mountain Dew Code Red
    tastes like monkey dung
Nigel July 31
    *kicks cartoonist* Bad bitch. Ya missed the last update.
    Hanging with friends and going to see Planet of the Apes is no excuse. Playing Project Justice for the first time, then buying it to beat people up with a boken, is a good excuse. Fighting Games are always the answer. Even if Akira is just a lil' girl who fights like Andy Bogard. And subsequently she kicks ass.
    Looks like another 'toonist is evolving his artwork to the next level. Hot Soup over at Lethal Doses is putting LD on indefinite haitus in pursuit of a more story driven work. We all here heartily support this move. After all we like it best when the plot hits the spot.
Ken July 26
    Ummm... Hello all.
    Cartoonist isn't exactly done with the next strip for today. but he w=has been playing arround with some artsy things. Most of which are half done. *kisks 'toonist* Finish 'em *grumble* Like this half colored Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury & King of the Fighters. He sez he's trying a "new color shading gradient shadowed technique". *shrug* Looks bad ass so far.
    Expect (read: hope) for some finished goodies on the weekend.
Vey July 24
    Yo' 'sup?
    We whipped the cartoonist back into shape. So ya'll that remain get to keep looking at our antics. Noew we just gotta get his ass to type some more inna forum. Enjoy the humor or face our pixelated wrath:P
    And make sure ya watch Toonami at 5PM Eastern and the Midnight Run at 12PM Eastern. Gotta support two of the best anime series ever made, Mobile Suit Gundam (for origionality) and The 08th MS Team (for exacting hyperactive animation).
Niri-Chan =^-^= July 17
    I would like to appologies for for the failings of this websites management by saying: the cartoonist is a dumbass.
    Wait a minute. Let me restate that before he draws me nude. He's been a an funny logically playful friend, entertainer, and dumbass. However he has smacked back some of that writers block. Unfortunetally he said "an army of centipedes stole his pencils" or some stuff.
    Once he gets back to cranking out hello kitty happy comics, expect some movie/video/game reviews of stuff he's seen as of late. But he's kinda tired write now. So expect the rest of us to fill in some posts:)
    Oh, and he's gonna get a free BIG O DVD for drawing this.
strangefour July 06
    d00dz n0 k0/\/\1k
    My grandfather went into the hospital today. I'm not feeling overly humorous. Be back next week. Hopefully deliver goodies.
strangefour July 04
    It almost totally slipped my mind that today was a holiday:P Anyway, comic will be up Friday. Yes, I'll get back to coloring them too. I'm just having fun eat hotdogs, swimming in a cold pool, doodling, and playing card captor vampire hunter:P
    Oh,and today is sorta the birthday of ßeta the Strip. Origionally the site was supposed to launch on April 1st, but ended up not going up till July 1st. The first comic officially went up on the 4th:) Though the concept is alot older... first picture I can find of Niriko is from January 29, 1999. So she's in the terrible two's:P
    A few emails (that I'll get to responding to sometime soon) have informed me I have more than 3 readers. My current guess is 37:P
strangefour July 03
    And thus the stripping resumes:P If it's in black & white that only cause I didn't finish the coloring yet. So I put it up in b/w to appease the masses (all 3 of ya). Plus I'm trying to put more time into the shading prosess. Which along with the format change is why there will only be 2 strips a week. Unless I get the hang of doing them even faster at some point:D
    To help ya understand why the comics haven't been flowing lately, I gotta GBA:) Which is helping creativity but eating time. And no I won't be doing the Castlevania: Dark Side of the Screen gags like all the other 'toonists. Cause I can see it just fine when I sit still under a 100 watt bulb, the day star, or the glow from my sun burn:P
strangefour June 18
    Hullo, quicky post. Still working on ideas. Thinking of adding some Flash content:)
    Vote for my BIG O art. A word of note though: only the bottom 2 (BIG O vs Shin Getta Robo & vs Manzinger Z) are mine (not the vs Aestivalis one at the top). Aparently somebody goofed and I have to show them the error of there way.
strangefour June 18
    Dang! I just looked at my page views, and they haven't goon down noticable durring this haitus. Which is a nice encouragement to work harder on the site redesign and making test strips inna different format. But ther is no definite date for the completion. Comics will flow back soon and the site will be done by the end of the month (aka after the birthday of one of my bestfriends^-^).
    Lethal Doses, one of the comics that made me start doing a strip, is back up. It's not running at 100% yet, but there is a new comic and I like the direction the new layout is heading towards. Yet another reason to be inspired:)
strangefour June 18
    *taps microphone* Hello?
    Still working on the site redesign. Thanks to an HTML writers block:P And I decided to reformate how I draw the strips. So instead of the usual comic strip horizontal 3 panels, I'm gonna try the 2 x 2 block o' comic that everybody seems to be using these days. Mostly cause I wanna try out large more creative page layouts. Also this way I can have more story/dialog and hopefully better crafted punchlines.
    To apease those who want something to looks at, here is a picture of a Niriko desktop I whipped up. The shading isn't done yet, but sure was fun to try and emulate some other comic styles:) So go play "Guess who I'm emulating"
strangefour June 11
    *sigh* I've been missing updates alot lately. I'm starting to get notorious for that (though I'm not the worst by far:P). Plus I got writter/artist's block right, so... No, I'm not gonna kill the strip, "don't panic." I'm only going to put the comic onna week haitus. It'll give me a chance to plan out the plot and redesign the site (which keeps being put off).
    Oh well, I'll keep drawing and posting in the forum. Which ya'll should do too^-^
strangefour June 8
    This is actually the comic for Wednesday. Should have the one for Friday up by at the latest Saturday morning.
    I got to hang with my freinds in the middle of a week for once. But it wasn't for long enough in most cases:( Did get to see Crazy Taxi 2 (DC), Onimusha (PS2), the last DVD of Trigun *sniff* *sniff*, gave Dungeons & Dragons: the movie the MST3K treatment (which was brutal on both sides), and saw a lil' bit of Meavy Metal L-Gaim (betcha don't know what that is). So it's been a good week in small hectic chunks.
strangefour June 4
    WOWOW, today is interesting. Cardcaptors starts on Toonami. Which I guess is a good thing, since it's better than Sailor Moon as far as I'm concerned, and Stuporman goes away:) But... will other Kids WBush shows be far behind? Pokemon? ph34r:( I don't even like WB toon's cept a few (X-men, Batman Beyond). Gimme FOX 'toons anyday.
    But as long as ADV gives me Gamera movie, and my harddrive can still has room for anime eps, and I have friends that cover the series I wanna see but can't get since I'm a giant robot collector: I think I'll be okay.
    Devils are tied in the playoffs two to two. *hesitent*
strangefour June 1
    Wow! Another month has passed us by. *sigh* Summer is here. Heat -- bad. Swimming -- good. Humidity -- bad. Shorts -- good. Sunburn -- bad. Bikinis -- good. Bennies -- bad. Hula girls, hula girls, hula girls -- sweeeeeet.
    I'm hopping I have a nice chunk of disposable income (not already claimed by some of the odd things I collect). So that I might be able to get a GBA. They look so much like my beloved GameGear, but all tiny and light as a feather. Only it's supposed to have a butt load more cool games. Especially Advance Wars which looks alot like Super Robot Wars. Only instead of giant robot, ya got your average military equipment (with Breath of Fire-ish character designs) blasting away at each other.
    Devils are losing the playoffs two games to one. *pout*
strangefour May 30
    Hullo ugain. Weather sure has been funky today. Managed to get a strip done in between thunderstorms. But nothing else site related... ergh!
    Can't think of anything funny to say today. Just go download the happy 3rd Wish video from The People's Cartoonist.
strangefour May 28
    Blah blah blah, comic late. I'd tell ya why, but I'll probably use bits of this weekend as comedic inspiration. And excuses aren't needed as long as the end product shows up.
    Might change the schedual to Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Or not, been thinking alot lately.
strangefour May 23
    I really can't think of anything to post right now. Today's comic took lil' extra to do and didn't get much sleep this weekend. I need a nap.
    I did however get the new TOONAMI CD, Deep Space Bass. And I love it. Anime sampling bass boosting techno joy. And saw The Mummy Returns, which is exactly what I expected a flashy summer movie with funny pigmy mummies.
strangefour May 17
    I are thinking this are Smurfing funny.
    Make the cartoonist happy and vote for me to get a BIG O DVD. After all a cartoonist clutching a free DVD to his busom is a happy and productive cartoonist.
    I especially want it (besides saving cash and the pride thing), becauce I ain't going to the E3 Expo like half the 'toonists I know. Lucky spoony bastards:P Though I will definitally be going next year come hell or high gas prices.
strangefour May 15
    I love CG movies that seem to have no plot:P But I much prefer anime music vids. I mean real animator (Reiji Matsumoto) made music videos.
    There was no comic up for Saturday 'cause I was trying to get a BIG O DVD with this picture. Which I'll probably work on a lil' more and make some more for a Giant Robot War series of picts.
    Oh yeah, here be some comics, strip, 'toons, funny pictures, and other funny stuff I've found recently. Or refound as is the case sometimes.
    *sigh* Where the hell is the third hour of Toonami! And what if I don't want an entire hour of DBZ Texas style dub! *sniff* BIG O Action! *sniff* *sigh* There I feel better. Somebody had to say it. Even if we knew it was coming anyway.
strangefour May 10
strangefour May 8
    Thus ends guest week. Meaning I have to draw again. Awww, but I don't wanna. *throws tantrum* Oh wait, yes I do. Actually I rediscovered that I draw really psycho but dynamic sketches while driving. Well not actually driving myself, but in fact BEING driven.
    The Devil's just beat the piss out of the Leafs, to force a 7th game. BOOYAKA! And they had a real drag out beat the maple syrup out of the leafy goalie in the last few minutes. Need less to say I'm happy, for now. I still want the cup back here.
    The page seems to have some probs in Netscape. I'll have to fix that, when I futz with the other pages.
strangefour May 5
    Providing this guest strip is Perki Goth/Candi Raver's Mutt.
    I guess it's Cinco De Mayo. But since I only had a lil' bit of spanish in high school, it's all geek to me.
    I'm messing with the color scheme. Black web pages are so dated. After all black is so much better for giant robots.
strangefour May 3
    Today's Guest Strip is by Yamcha Hibiki from Shinkutokimekisempukaku. And much like the one by Jason Kim, LuminosityPro, it's damn funny. In a bizarre kind of way. Hmmm... I'm getting jealous:!
    *must make LED emoticon shirts* *must sell to the masses* *must conquer the world* *must first conquer child proof cap on NyQuil*
strangefour May 1
    This is a test of the Emergency Comic Network. This is only a test. *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP* So just stare into the Luminous light. Come on take it like an SNK vs Capcom Pro.
    I got major tree burn today from a 8 meter long tree trunk. Meaning my calves, left upper arm, and a chunk of my hide are embedded in some lil' log chunks that I'll carve up as revenge:) Don't know what I'll make yet (SD Manzinger Z?) out of the the few 60 cm high by 40 cm across pieces that aren't going away. It all came from an ol' pine tree, my dog used to love trying to climb (*sigh* memories), that lost alot inna last blizzard (yeah that was months ago, took a while to get it down). Dang it! I still have pine sap in my leg hairs (it was a shorts day).
strangefour April 29
    Baka:( I think I oopsed this time on Friday. Anywho now the comic is up and working.
    *sigh* This week should run smoother. Though I do mean to get rid of the black background and the 'Winter Niriko.' So soon to come 'Spring Niriko' and more pastelly design (using Flash if I get to read my Flash 4 books this week).
strangefour April 26
    Today's guest narators are brought to you by copy right infringment:P Actually I blame this right here. Baka Yamcha:P
    Quote Mojojojo: It was me. It was me.
    Quote R. Dorothy: You're a louse Roger Smith.
    I'm thinking about going here. Why? For one I won't have to drive to Texas or California to get there. Also I need more Godilla merchandise. Yeah it's not a comic con, but I'll get to them some day anywho.
strangefour April 24
    Ummm... not feeling very talkative right now. still need get back some lost sleep from this weekend. Plus must do a barrel full of chunky monkeys worth of cleaning this week. I've been lax lately things have been piling up (in the literal and figurative way).
    Speaking of figures, found a Super Andriod 13 (the huge 40 cm version) for a third the origional sticker price:) He dwarfs every thing else on my desk shelf (all Decepticon gestalts, some Gundam models, few Godzillas). King of Prussia still needs an arcade though. Finally saw a reason to buy a PS2 though (other than as a DVD player and a anti-load timer for PS1 games). Z.O.E. plays how I've always thought giant mecha combat should. Well as close as you get without ROBOT PUNCH!
strangefour April 19
    Thanks to a colaborative effort, by my laziness, Keenspace, the letter L, & the number 13, this weeks comics have been brought to you late. Not that I'm unthankful to Kenn' for my lil' comedy corner of the web. It's just been as bumpy as my cable company lately (it kicked out for a hour long emergency test right before the end of BIG O the other night).
    And don't expect the Sa#$%&ay strip on time either. I'm visitin' ma peeps again, so I'll be drawing it on Sunday instead. But I'm working on a few things besides (KoF art etc.).
    Plus I'll probably going to be talking about BIG O all weekend. If you haven't seen the last episode # 13 on Midnight Run, watch it Monday at the regular time. Then after the end, when you sit there for a few minutes, start asking Sunrise to make another season. NOW! I mean heck even the creator/screenwriter of BIG O wants to make more episodes. He just need somebody to pay for it,. So go tell Cartoon Network and Sunrise we would love more BIG O. Just remember to be nice and, thought I'll probably never see Manzinger Z again, we can get more fun Giant Robot mayhem:) Till then go buy it on DVD, and get somethingelse that deserves more episodes *cough* Trigun *cough*
    Note: I was listen to Gundam songs while doing this strip. Damn it went fast.
strangefour April 17
    *sigh* Ya know I'm starting to become notorious for being late with comics. Oh well, quality over quanti... no that doesn't work:( Ummm... Capcom never makes origional release dates:) Nah... all good things come in time. That's close enough.
    I've been drawing lots of 'bot recently, and it shows:P Mostly fiddling with ol' Transformer designs. Plus the usual ol' skool Chogojin Super Robots. Maybe I'll scan some if they look any good at all. So many ideas so little paper. On second thought so many ideas so much webspace:P On the third hand so many ideas so little time:(
strangefour April 14
    Good Friday the 13th... That sure must has confused a few tricodectaphobic catholics. For me the number thirteen is almost my lucky number, but combined with my black cat this time arround the 13th just made me sleep badly. *shrug* Instead of giving the usually happy suprises.
    Happy Easter ya'll. And remember to bit the heads of first. That way the poor lil' chocolate bunnies are put down your throat humanely. I do eat the peeps body first though. Leaving just a lil' marshmellow head behind. Occasionally I stick them up on toothpicks as warnings to other yummy candy treats.
strangefour April 12
    ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO VIVI, or something like that. Just click on the linky, it's funny. Whoever I ph34r that AYB gags will live on for the rest of time in one way or another. Which in a way isn't really a bad thing, it's just an indescribable primeval force of mayhem that was surely forged by the Elder Gods themselves.
    Minami Koen manga. Ah, kami! Karera korosu Kenny! Baka yaro! Cartman futottieru desu. Ie, keru aka-chan. Keru aka-chan! Chinpokomon, ah!
    Hmmm... some other 'toonists are apparently on the same wavelength as my thinking this weekend while not comicing (I give no excuses, it just happened:P). Such as this blog, this rant, and this one.Which amounts to "where the hell are web comics going?" Partially brought about by a few other comics going on haitus for a few days, or being repeatedly late, and some I saw recently that just sucked (and a few good ones). Plus I keep thinking about starting a weekend comic or side project, but can't decide what yet:(
    Addendum: found another rant on the state of online comics.
strangefour April 7
    Ummmm... oopsy. Friend came up to visit today. We went to the mall shopped for DVDs (no Trigun or Bakuretsu Hunters), hit the video game stores (Bangai-O is too much, must rent), look for good models in toy stores (already have some Gundam Wing ones, want F91). I did give in and get King of the Fighters Evolution, so I don't have to wait for SNK vs Capcom 2 to play Blue Mary or Leona. Plus the music reminds me o' the jazz tunes in BIG O. Though I miss my analog controlling ability:( and the pixels seem a lil' small and dark. But atleasst I don't have to put up with Shotokan wannabe's, just Kyo clones out the wazzoo:P
    Oh yeah, no comic yet:) Like that up there sez, I got busy. The strip is written and it's in pencil stage, but won't be done tonight unless I want to go nuts and make a quick half-assed job of it. So it'll be up tomorrow. *shrug* weekend hits are lower. I did get just over 1000 hits on Tuesday though. A nice suprise (used to 700s, exept an apparent glitch last week when I got 1800 out of nowhere on one day).
    *runs off to make a flesh tone outfitted Vice in SNK vs Capcom*
strangefour April 5ish
    I'm officailly addicted to BIG O. I expected no different what with giant robots and all. But it's actually a character driven show. Sure Roger Smith is kinda Bruce Wayne-ish, but like that's a bad thing. And instead of dressing up in more black with a cap & some underage sidekicks, Roger gets a gainourmous brawling battle 'bot & a really sarcastic android. Of course the both have butlers who let any pretty face into the lair, once again not a bad thing. Plus I realized the battle music is very indepted to Akira Fubuki's themes from Godzilla movies.
    Also I haven't touched my Dreamcast since Sunday. Mostly so I have more time to draw, but for other reasons too (read PSO = bad sleeping). Instead I've been mucking about with Super Robot Wars 3, 4, & EX which I really own and would never use romz or emulators. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* In them I mostly play to spend money over powering Manzinger Z & softening things up with the artful dodger Amuro Ray.
strangefour in April "I Pitty the Foos"
    Calm down ya plebians, the storyline has returned. With a Vengence! No wait that's Die Hard... I ment to type something funny and topical. Like about how the holy land has more explosions than any videogame ever, or how the US military is exelling at colliding with anything and everything exept a good ad slogan, or the most boring sport about guys with four balls wearing crotch cups is starting again.
    Oh here's a good one-- WHY THE HELL DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME BIG O WAS ON TOONAMI!!! I only caught the last half today:( It's got giant robots! Retro Ultraman-ish enemy 'bots. It's got some sweet jazzy music. Some almost Steam Detective like character designs. *pout* Next, I want Shin Getta Robo.
    Well, April's Fools was good for gags:) Well atleast a few good ones by other 'toonists... I however forgot to do one. Also that smoking commercial that was on every channel was evilly funny, and actually the only good commercial against smoking I've ever seen. I remember laughing like hell at those lame commercials in rooms full of beer and cigarettes back in college;P
strangefour March 31
    The forum has been a lil'... bizarre lately. So you only have yourselves to blame for this comic. Plus now I think the gag is officially dead... the vid still has kickin' music though. Anyway let the mayhem continue! Even if reading it is alot harder than those hidden 3D picture things.
    Now I have to restructure my links... especially since I don't read a few of them anymore. Like the good art vs repetative gags in Sinfest:P
strangefour March 29
    You'd be suprised what kinds of things your webpage comes up for in search engines. Funny ass things mostly, that are built from strings of out of context word from the page... and Manzinger Z. Too bad there isn't enough Manzinger Z info out on the web. There's more Grandizer info, but that 'bot replaced Great Manzinger, the bastard. And made Koji (the pilot of Manzinger Z) a very disgruntled support plane pilot. *sigh* All I want is someplace to download old eps. Is that too much to ask?
strangefour March 27
    IT'S... actually a random joke week. Ph34r not the storyline will resume. After I fight writers block with some gags that have been beating about my brain. So just enjoy the silly lil gags of this week and wait for the return of my convoluted plot on Tuesday.
    On another note: thanxs for the emails recently. Haven't responded since I'm still debating on weither or not to kill my ol' hotmail account (aka spoamorama). And Pr0n is bad! Especially in the forum. Etchi is, however, still boarderline^-~
strangefour March 24
    Well not much to say about this one. Other than... yes, I am evil.
    Stone Dead Naked Nancy Pimental!
    There maybe that will get me Slashdotted.
strangefour March 22
    Can't blame anyone else for this update snafu. I have it drawn and colored. Just blanking on the dialog. Mostly since it's a transfere point and the joke isn't coming easy:( *shrug* Oh well here have a picture of Guy Daigoji to tide ya'll over. Mean while I'll doodle and write out some more ideas.
    Yeah comic is done. Found cool things too. Polymer City has lost it's old hosting (bad game portal death, bad!) but it's still alive. Creamcast, I think that's the title, is a odd lil' page that makes Japanese co-play stuff, Like a Lina Inverse costume, an Aestivalis, and other random anime charcters. Thirdly LunaArts is now giving more Kodomo No Omocha (Child's Toy) vids for download, YEAH! Also one of my friends just got online with his BroadBand adapter and PSO. There goes my productivity:P
strangefour March 20
    Heya again. Saturday didn't update on it's own so well. *kicks CuteFTP* It was up online just didn't show up for some reason. Ah well. I was AFK most of the weekend, so I haven't posted inna forum for a bit. I did play Super Robot War F... addictive. Also Crazy Taxi... addictive. And Slayers Royal 1 & 2... addictive looking but game mechanics are sorta off. Good thing I'm back home away from those evil Saturn and Dreamcast games... so I can play Sword of the Berzerk, Capcom vs SNK, & PSO:P
    Oh yeah, the comic is in B/W & some red, since I went Film Noir for this one:P It pretty much worked out the way I wanted, so it'll be used again at some point when it's called for.
strangefour March 15
    "Your balls are hanging out. Oh wait, you're a bike cop. You don't have those." --Denis Leary, The Job *sigh* An drunken angry smokin' cheating Irish cop who considers a comparison to Satan a compliment. Of course Denis was listed as co-creator:P Needless to say I really enjoyed the first episode. And if anybody decides to cancel it I'll get drunk and piss on their lawn.
    Which reminds me St. Patrick's day is this weekend. I'm going to visit friends again. So I'm working on Saturday's comic now. Side note: in PSO it Saturday=Sa#@&!ay. That curse filter is insane. PSO v.2 is on it's way. Oh goodie, more gaming crack:)
    And I almost forgot. I've passed 100 strips. w00t! *throws confetti* Hurray for me.
strangefour March 13
    Don't you just hate lazy arsed online cartoonists who miss a dead line. I sure do. But then again I know why they miss deadlines cause I just did:( One reason being that I was watching The Lost Empire, which was a nice retelling of the classic Journey to the West, aka Tale of the Monkey King, aka basis of Son Goku and the beginning of Dragonball, etc. Also I got talking to some other 'toonists on ICQ.
    Ye comic will be up tomorrow with some bonus images to appease ya lil' varmints. Speaking of which this stuff is me ol' art page that I need to fix and add even more thatn I already have to.
strangefour March Perfect 10
    Incase you notice any funky things going on arround this site, I'm updating the page & generally mucking about. Like the cast page. It looks a lil' off right now but I'm redoing almost all of that. Including rewriting, mostly extending, the bios. Gah! Right now it takes too long to load:(
    Great now the images don't work. Oooooh, this is gonna be a fun weekend:[
strangefour March behind the 8-Ball
    There is now a lesbian Teletubbie. Will wonders never cease. Uh oh, Poe.
    It's been suggested that I have a lil' PSO get together. Since my best friend will soon be playing, added to the fact that I want to find more online cartoonists in game, and that my Guild Cards have been eaten by my memory card for the third time. I'm all behind the idea. Check the forum to see what times are good for us all.
    My brain is full on into storyline mode. Which I see as good for character development, but makes jokes a lil' more elusive. Hopefully I'm up to the challenge, and will remember to write down all those random gags that pop into my muddled mind.
strangefour March 6" of snow
    We we're supposed to get 2 feet of snow up here in North Jersey. Yet I look out side and see not even 6 inches. Baka weathermen. Oh well, the lil' bit of shoveling I did perked me up after a half week of serious sinus troubles. It also gave me a chance to plan out a story arc of longer than a week. And it'll continue beyond that too, in something I was goind to do later, till I realized "if you keep the good ideas bottled up, they tend to leak."
    I'm reviewing my archives and noticing a minor art decent recently:( I gotta draw more on the side to keep up the m4d l33t sK3tch sK1llz. Thanks to my regular readers for putting up with it. It'll get better, cause I need to keep up with the competition:P Mortal Cartooning has begun! *commence playing Reptiles theme MP3*
    Now I'm off to go doodle. Ja ne!
strangefour March of the Wooden Soldiers
    It's 9PM and I just woke up from a nap. The comic is in pencil stage. My brain on the other hand is in jello stage. *shrug* I my hit count goes down on the weekends. So it being up later on Saturday won't be so bad. Not to mention I've been thinking about a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedual. And a few other changes that might happen after strip # 100.
    Oh, cool! I finally get to see another Gary and Mike episode again. I've only seen three other of those fun pieces of mayhem.
strangefour March Madness!
    j3d1 p11/\/\pz 0\/\/Nz j00! *cough* *cough* Cold medicine makes me feel funny. Spent most of today dozing off or play in Capcom vs SNK. Which I'll prob to again tomorrow since I still feel like a monkey's blue butt:P Ya'll might catch me ( Strangefour ) in PSO on Thursday of Friday at Ophelia block 10, hanging with the other Jedi Piimps.
    JIrish is visiting from Shinku! today. He's everyone's favorite disembodied voice of reason. IE less drawing for sick me. Plus he's alot closer than everyone else I've met online, who all seem to live around Houston, Chicago, or San Fran. What's wrong with the East Coast me boyos?
    I did another guest strip. This time for Vet on the Net. Might be up tomorrow or next week, I'm not sure if Otaku-Ohki got the email yet:( Hmmm... I gotta get some of the boys to guest strip for me, so I can take a week off too:P
    Forgot to mention on Tuesday that I finally go to see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I can not say enough words of praise for that movie. Even before I saw it I knew I wanted it on DVD, now... I want it ripped and burned into my brain.
    Ugh! My brain is flighty right now I know there are a few other things I wanted to mention but right now they aren't surfacing.
strangefour February 27
    Bad ISP! BAD!!! Don't ever go down just because of a lil' snow again. Or it's the whip for you...
    Oh, hullo:D Here is the comic for Saturday... late. I would put it in the archive and have a different one for today, but I'm using fate to my advantage. Plus I'm working onna guest strip, and I was caught inna fog bank this weekend & got back to my beloved tiny god late.
    I did mannage to convert a friend to the the light this weekend. He's now got an E-bay bought Dreamcast & a butt load of games shipping as I type. Plus he's getting an ol' Saturn, hehe dumb@$$. But I will still visit to play Slayer Royal:)
strangefour February 22
    Don't you just hate it when you're playing a game, then suddenly part of your anatomy goes completely numb. Or worse yet gets all tingly like it's being stabbed by a thousand lil' needles.
    There are some interviews of online comic artists, not me I'm still underground & unnoticed, over at The Mushroom. This thing is, umm... uhh... I don't know how to describe it other than loud and funny inna dusturbing foreign way. If you bored, want a read, and have a resonably insane grasp of math, taunt the happy time cube. Aluminum Studios and Otaku Vengeance have some sweet anime vids plus links to other vids sites.
    I love old school anime. I just wish I could find more Manzinger/Tranzor Z sites. Other than the ones taunting me with the perfect grade Black Great Manzinger models for oddles of meseta.
    I've seen commercials twice for The Job on ABC, during NYPD Blue. I can't find any info on it anywhere, but apparently The Jobis a new cop show, starring... Denis Leary. w00t! Sarcastic evil Irish angry man on once a week with the ability to shoot people. I'm happy.
    Well I'm off to see if I can find anymore online peeps on the ship Orphelia. "I am a Pioneer not just one of the endless talkers... mmm.. mmm.. "
strangefour February 20
    I'm working into a storyline. It's been to long, but I still have lots of random strip ideas floating around in my head. Like Turnpike tramua tales, more PSO jokes, and whatever seems funny in caffine induced bursts of energy.
    ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US! is taking over all base all over comic world. Bad grammer contagious. Solomn Grundy must use spell check. *shakes head* Actually I mean other strips have had there forums, panels, and creators minds infected by this vile evil. Which is even now spreading all over the net. Through BBS, emails, online games, and chatrooms. We have to stop the Cats, before they set us up the bomb.
strangefour February 17
    I would like to thank all my friends, who made this late update possible. And my cat for waking me up early. Plus my snooze button for always being there for me. Of course pizza and caffine, my old pals. But mostly I must thank Phantasy Star Online and Team Sonic. You've taken my soul, I hope you're happy.
    ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US! Damn you Yamcha. Damn you all to the Pitts of Pooka! Which is Cerebus's water dish located next to the Gates of Hell, I believe.
    I need to find more links to anime music videos ( if you have some, post in the forum ), but this is a sweet link to someone who has provided me with much mayhem.
strangefour February 15
    Happy Valentine's Day! Bleah:P Sorry I don't have a GF.
    Anywho I did a guest strip for Yamcha Hibiki over at Shinkutokimekisempukaku. Ofcourse by the time you read this it will have been up yesterday. D'oh! So check out this whole guest cartoonist week over there and stay to visit the archive. After that wander over to Yammie's Pooka Pitt to while away those productive hours in the day.
    If you haven't already. Go out and get a Dreamcast. Just like Vey received today ( sans the heart shaped repaint that is ). You know you want it. I denied the fact myself. I liked my Playstation, just as much as anyone. But the Dreamcast is the dark side, and the darkness is always stronger than the light. Entropy Rules! ( que Magic Emperor Fred Lo laugh ) Mwahahahaha!
strangefour February 13
    Once again I hung with my friends this weekend, only I didn't have to drive 2 plus hours to go see them. For once they came up here. Thus allowing me to play PSO:) Which has become an addiction for me, and a few other online cartoonists.
    While hanging around my friends took me to see Cast Away... One word--DON'T. That movie hurt me, deeply. It wasn't Eyes Wide Shut *shiver* bad, but if Tom Hanks gets an Oscar for that loco-nut waste of film I'm gonna $%&^ &^% *#$$ then ^#@$ %$#^ Wilson. Dang PSO curse filter.
    Did see the promo for The Lord of the Rings though. I can't wait till next year's Christmas for that lil' present. It looks to be more than authentic to the novels. In other words it'll make Dungeons & Dragons: the movie look like something Carrot Top threw up. The only thing I'm concerned about at this point is... will Golem look like how I imagine that lil' maniacle scamp.
    Also Last friday was the best episode of Outlaw Star... corection one of the best pieces of animation of any kind I've ever seen. Today's was cool too, but Jim Hawking is my current favorite character ( he passed Carrot Glase, Lina Inverse, Kintaro Oe, Guy Daigoji, and Bubbles ).
strangefour February 09
    Yeah one more comic, and should have a third one for the week tomorrow. Plus I now have my grubby lil' paws on a Dreamcast ( ooooh no jaggies ) and Phantasy Star Online. Expect strips about it as soon as I get addicted. Right about... now.
strangefour February 08
    Hehe, damn snow. Actually I think the influx of snow has made me funnier. Well atleast I've been feeling some humor oozing out of me. Maybe it's just coffee, I don't know. *shrug* Anywho, I cranked out three strips in sketch stage today, so there might be three strips up by Saturday. Also I put a news archive link at the bottom of the page since the text was getting kinda weighty at over 2000 lines of html on this index page^^;
strangefour February 03
    Ummm... I can think of much to say. I'm tired. I'm gonna be driving all weekend again. Maybe I'll post some fun stuff Sunday night. If I'm back that is:P
strangefour February 01
    Go over to Zany Video Game Quotes. Some of you have probably already been there. I love the Servbot styling. Also I hadn't gone to What/s a Life inna while ( like half the comics I read actually ) but it's been funny lately. And Demise Comics is coming back soon, I've really missed that one.
    Akira ( the Japanese version of Joe Smith ) is coming into theaters soon. Hmmm... It's not my favorite anime ( I hate the character designs, ugh ) but it would be killer to see on the big screen. But I'd rather see the new Vampire Hunter D, a Slayers movie. or Nadeisco. Or End of EVA, that would be so much fun to give the real MST3K treatment.
    I think I just got my first piece of spam in my official accout ( as compaired to my old hotmail spam-o-rama ). It's an .exe I don't wanna touch from somebody I don't know. By the way nice Tron Bonne pict Yamcha. I gotta start doddling more myself.
strangefour January 30
    Yeah, I'm 24. Like I've really cared since 20 passed. It's just a mile marker. A day I mostly sit, watch movies, play games, eat good food, and talk to friends. Also a seperate vacation from my computer.
    King of Prussia Mall Good! Solomon Grundy Like!
    I did get The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. The price doesn't matter since it was birthday money:) Plus a lil' SD Rick Dom model ( my current monitor guardian ), a Bandai figure of Iris ( kaiju from Gamera 3 ). So I'm gonna go veg. See ya.
strangefour January 27
    Keenspace has been funky an awful lot lately. Atleast when I've been trying to update anyway. It get straitened out inna few hours so I don't mind. *shrug* It's free and fun and most of the strips I like are here.
    Anywho, the Legendary Megaman is a damn lucky bastard. Getting hit on by Miss Tron and seeing her... oh my! ... Wait a minute. She's supposed to be about 15 ( like every other mecha pilot born last millenium )... never mind^^; I'll probably use the Flooz money I got at X-mas to get her Misadventures online.
    Yes the above comic is really off the deepend. Well, deviated anyway. I blame the Year of the Snake. Which snuck up on me earlier this week. I was expecting it to be in next month. Guess I wasn't paying attention to my lunar cosmology again. *sigh* I'll miss the Dragon, since I am one. Plus it brought some nice things. Though on the whole it wasn't really good or bad, just lots of lil' chunks from both catergories.
    GO PACKERS!!! ( note: I'll be watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on Sunday:P )
strangefour January 25
    Hmmm... never did post on Tuesday. Oops. *shrug* I got a head ache right now so I'll make this one brief. News comic, yeah! My birthday is coming Monday, yeah! I just rented Megaman Legends 2, yeah!
    I went looking for The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, hoping to find it cheap, but couldn't so got the next best. The first Legends is by far one of my favorite games of all time. Right up there with sduch games as Final Fantasy II (equivalent of FF4 in Japan), Columns (I burnt out my Game Gear one :( and Chrono Trigger (suck Red Dagger, Mannon).
    Eyes tired. Can't type. Play game now. Oh wait. First more Outlaw Star. I'll feel (Mel)fine later:P
strangefour January 20
    I think I just remembered what I forgot. Tom's Birthday. Which was Monday. I appologies for forgetting. My excuse... umm... sucks actually. I knew about it last week but after driving Lisa down to here new apartment. In fact driving most of the weekend actually. So now I owe you one drawing^-^ Whatever ya want.
    In other news: I'm gonna spend this snowy weekend drawibg alot. Hopefully some gift arts, scanning sketches I've forgotten about, and coloring a few good ones. I'll work on story ideas. Flesh out a few that are already wandering arround my head and link them with some twisted true tales. Of course playing more RPGs and some puzzle games, like Bejeweled. Shiny happy people.
    Hey, hey, hey! Pull that bus over to the side of the Pretensious Turnpike! I represent angry, sword toting, meat eating, fscking people! ... Oh sorry, Denis Leary is on Comedy Central. He is party of my Holy Trinity of Comedy along with George Carlin and Janeane Garofalo.
strangefour January 18
    Spoot! I knew I wanted to post something, but now that I get arround to it I've completely forgotten. *shrug* Oh well, I should remember by tomorrow when I'm not too tired to read my email (I don't get alot in my normal account, but I have an old hotmail one that gets 10 spams a day:P). The comic is up though. With some current obsessions of me and my peeps.
strangefour January 16
    No comic, sorry. I went out and got a new computer desk today (Office Max over priced! BJs Good!). So I've had no time to draw while putting it together. It's a huge bastard at almost 300 pounds. Maybe I'll put up a pict of it, once things are settled and I rearrange my room (yet again). Also I'm in the middle of job hunting and not feeling funny at the moment.
    But to make up for the lack of my mayhem I've got some places for ya'll to go play. Clubsexy is a page by an old friend from college, I haven't talked to him inna while, but he keeps updating his pageand his drawings are damn sweet and funny. Tofu has been running around in other strips again. Namely Fearful Asymptote about two weeks ago and RPG World, Ian J is quickly becoming one of my fav artists.
    Why does everyone love that lil' G4 so? Oh well, guess he diserves more appearances. And I'm now hanging out at The Keenivention. Which promises to be an entire convention of fun.
strangefour January 12
    This update is early, thought Saturday's strip will be on time (unless the Keeniverse goes funky again). the reason begin I got this one done early for once, and I'm transporting my best friend down to her new aptartment today. Actually it'll be my new apartment too if I decide (which is right now a 95% possibility) to move my abode also. Hehe, I almost typed Adobe:P
    Also this is another weekend I'll be away from computer and not finishing the character pages and the backlog of scanning. Sorry^^; Guess I'll do it on Martin Luther King Jr Day. Hope everyone has a meaningfull and interesting time full of intelligent discussions on MLKJr day by the by. In other words take the time to reflect on your life, how it's been good to you, and what you can do to make life better for you and those arround you.
strangefour January 11
    Hmmm... I might be moving soon. Out of North Jersey and down to... South Jersey. Doh! Oh well I'd be closer to my friends, but the strip would prob go on a one week hiatus. So this is just a preemptive warning incase you don't see me for a week come February.
    Which wouldn't be fun since I really love doing strips. Especially since I'm leading into the serious relm of storylines again. Well atleast setting up for them anyway.
strangefour January 9
    Ugh! Mondays:( The strips a few hours late, cause I woke up (well not until late) with a cold. Right now it's just an annoying cough that hopefully won't come back tomorrow. I'm behind in drawing and scanning (maybe I should pull an all nighter, it's been a while). Playing a lil' bit of Lunar this weekend didn't help, but it's been a few weeks since I console RPGed.
    I'll talk more late, probably in the silent forum:P
strangefour January 6
    AH HA! I've found it again. The Food Court that is. Go there. Trust me:) Actually it's what happen when someone gets bored and plays Cut&Paste with a large image archive of anime to insanely humorous results. I should post more links but first I have to catalog the ones I have.
    I'll be drawing alot this weekend (hopefully). It's been a while since I drew my last piece of gift art:P And I have a back log of over a dozen picts that I've inks and just haven't gotten arround to scanning^^;
strangefour January 4
    I resolve never to do two comics on deadline because I was late, ever again. Yes, I did do a comic for the Tuesday that just past. Hit the previous strip linky up there. Actually I have to start working a week in advance. Which I am script wise right now, and I'm leading into some plotlines. Hopefully they'll workout in my head before they hit paper. ANd I'm still working on the new character picts along with some page alterations. Be patient grasshopper.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! *fanfair* *throws confetti*
strangefour January 1, 2001
    2001 a Waste of Space Odyssey. Or atleast today is since I got back home late. I hope everyone had some good laughs over the break like I did (have some funny stories I might be able to turn into strips). I would draw a strip right now (should have had one done before New Years, oops) but I need to catch up on some sleep if I'm gonna get anything done tomorrow. Which includes doing two comics for Thursday to make up for Tuesday's lack there of. Plus I'll scan some sketches to show off and put back up some of the ones I had back when I was at Tripoop. End Transmission...
strangefour December 29
    It's been a while. I've been having fun though, and I hope your holidays were filled with as many good times as I've had with my friends. Speaking of which... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! again Lisa. I've been spending alot of this week entertaining that cute lil' adopted (mentally anyway) sis' of mine. Meaning I've lost some drawing time, but gained some memories I can use for strip scripts:P
    The New Year's strip is just part of my X-Mas gift to my friends, Matt, Chrissy, Lisa and Bill. Atleast those are the friends I've seen the most of lately (and parts of their personalities, and some of the stuff we do ends up in the strips). If your my friend and you aren't up there, sorry didn't have any sketches of you laying around to go by. Oh yeah, I'm the guy on the far left (tall, pale, blond, with red facial hair). Meaning I look like Vey with a few colors switched around (ie- too many blond guys in other online strips).
strangefour December 23
    Ack! Thpbt! Yup the strip is a day late. The major reason being I had to reinstall CuteFTP. There are some other things but I already listed them in the forum. So if you want to know them. Go read them.
    There might be a comic on Tuesday for the start of Kwannza. Actually it'll probably be a general Kwannza, Channukah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Ramadan, New Year's strip. Anywho have a very Zen like Holiday. =^-^=
strangefour December 21
    Today's strip is a lil' tribute to Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes. Which I've been read reading lately, since Jersey has only gotten what the weather men call a light dusting of snow. I call it frost. It's frigid but I'm half heartedly hoping for a white Christmas. Also, I'm mildly suprised NORAD has a santa watch. o-O
    Niri-Chan has been playing around again. This time at she's flirting at Angst Technology. She looks so cute when she dresses up to go out. She even extra volumized her bangs for the party ^-^
    Umm... crap. Don't ya just hate it when you know you wanted to say something but can't remember what the hell it was. Oh well, I do know that after the holiday's the site will have some graphic and probably content. If I remember to write down stuff like better character descriptions and an about section.
strangefour December 19
    Tuesday's strip took forever to think of an idea for. Guess I got a brick shot from Writers Block. Once somebody put an idea in my head though, I knew what I had to draw. And draw I did lickity split.
    Over the weekend I did a lil' guest strip/X-mas gift art for Hot Soup over at Lethal Doses. It came out veeery weird o-O Also some of the cast is going over to a Christmas party over at Angst Technology. Thanks Barry, pass the beer. I wonder if Yaz is gonna hit on Niriko... she's been a lil' odd lately.
    Oh yeah, thanks for all the hits in the dorky lil' popularity contest:P And here's a new comic strip I found RPG World. It makes me wanna go buy Summoner (even before I get my PS2), just so I can wander around aimlessly laughing & killing things ^-^
strangefour December 16
    So ends another week of artistic mayhem. And yet I still have so much more to draw... but not right now. But atleast Niri-Chan gets to go somewhere for the weekend. She's off visiting the Little Gamers. Hmmm... I think I should switch her to decaf.
    I think I'm gonna go get some more Chrono Cross endings, or play Tales of Destiny. Which was lost at my old roomies house long ago but recently unearthed. That was a nice early X-mas present.
    II notice this is strip 69 ... and yet I gave no GF. So my comic clone Vey has none either. Mwahaha! I'm torturing him:P Next to me I have a sketch of him and a piece of tira misu, but I didn't draw his mouth. I'm evil!!! Laugh with me Jakko.
strangefour December 14
    Yeah I finally got up the Christmas lights today. Yeah I know it's late, normally I start decorating after Thanksgiving but it's been cold and so have I. Now to cover the inside of the house with garland (the trimming not the FF1 boss), lights (those M&Ms sure are cute), and lots of tinsle (mostly for the cat to eat).
    Hmmm... must write strips, draw character profiles, & deck the the hall with bows of Criticism. Fa la la la la, la la la la!
strangefour December 12
    Wee! More fun with plotlines. Well actually trying not to go to far off on a tangent. But also setting some things up. Now I just have to figure out where I'm going storywise after New Years and draw stuff for my peeps. Actually I have a butt load of things I'm planning on drawing, just hope I get them all done. ^-^;
    And for my friends here is what I want for X-mas: Princess Monoke DVD, X-Men DVD, Transformers the Movie DVD, cute naked Jersey girls, something to play on my Gameboy when I get bored, good comic books/manga, Food Good!, keychains:P, and a PS2 if one of ya wins the lottery.
    One odd thing, I have Win Ben Stien's Money playing in the background and I keep thinking Nancy Pimental reminds me of Niriko. Well a shorter, bangless, and un-naivete version of Niriko.
strangefour December 8
    Argh mateys. There be a new coimc of thee starboard bow. Arrr. "Polly wanna hacker" Hush polly ye swarthy sea dog, ye. Umm... Avast! Keelhaul! Poop deck! hehe POOP
    I gotta do some mad shopping this weekend. Hopefully I can get exactly what certain individuals deserve. Mwahahaha!!! And I should reserve a PS2 for my birthday, plus get some DVDs & games early to play on it:)
    I appologies for any goof ups I've made lately. There have been a few. Like forgetting Elian's 7th birthday on Wednesday. Dang I miss that lil' bugger. He was good news coming from Flori-DUH!
    And look in the forums this weekend since I've had a few lil' random rants brewing in me, such as HERCULE on DBZ. His name is Mr SATAN god damn it! I mean smeg they could have atleast tried Mr Santa:P Those translators are crackwhores:( Yet they give me my anime violence fix. *sigh* HOOK IT TO MY VEINS!!! And bring back Scott McNeil & Brian Drummond while you're at it.
strangefour December 7
    I've found too many cool comics lately. Damn all you other artist making me take time away from my own strip to read yours. Smeggers! *shakes fist* Anywho here's some sweet new discoveries Vet on the Net, Little Gamers, Jackie's Fridge, & That Weekly. Plus some ones I knew about but finally added to my links page Japanese Beetle, Spaz Labs, Ghostz, & Elf Life.
    Umm.. ah, I'll go write a strip now, or watch a DVD. Ya know whatever:P
strangefour December 6
    Nippon Ichi! I just found a comic I liked for a while but dissapeared. And I just rediscovered GU Comics by Woody Hearn. I particularly like this one:P NERF!
    Now I just need to buy EQ or something else to amuse me during the Christmas Season. And I'm tellin' ya ahead of time, after one strip on X-Mas I'll be takin' the rest of that week off.
    Oh and speaking o' breaks Hot Soup (ie one of the tooners I get visitors from) is hitting the pause button on Lethal Doses till New Years. I think of it as hibernating. Hmmm... maybe I'll give him a holiday gift:P
strangefour December 5
    You know it's gonna be a good weekend, when the first thing you see when you get to a party is a room full of balloons:) This was a damn good weekend. Even if was colder than a witches...
    Oh, speaking of nudity, the "turn about is fair play" is to blame on Shortie repremanding me for my recent bouts of drawing lovely ladies san clothes... You asked for it:P Now I just need to figure a way to turn the entire weekend into strips. It would probably require some censoring, verbally anyway.
    I wish I had someone to help me do some nitting:P
strangefour December 1
    This is a quick lil' update. There is a new comic done a lil' early, and I'm goin' to hang with ma peeps down in South Joy-Zeeee, word. *shakes head* Sorry I guess all this polotical crap is drivin' me nutz. Anywho this trip should provide some material for strip, since I'm funniest when with my friends. Yet I rarely get to see them anymore. *sigh*
strangefour November 30
    Okay, I didn't get to scan. Writers block (that retarTed lil' censor bar [sic]) was paying me a visit today. But didn't interfer with toady's strip. I just don't have Saturday's written yet. *shrug* guess I'll wing it.
    Has anybody noticed any differences in the last few comics? I've been trying to draw them faster and looser. Which basically means no one but me can understand what's going on when they are in pencil stage.
    To anybody that's sent me email recently. I will get to them, I've just been putting them off (and getting pissed at an old email account that is mostly full of spam).
strangefour November 29
    Woo Hoo! I fixed most of the lil' glitchy thing on the site that people have been telling me about. I blame most of them on the transfer from Tripoop, and some laziness. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling fully better (yeah right) and get to scan & clean some sketches after I draw a strip. I have an almost full lil' sketchbook that I can show you all most of the pictures from:P
    Plus check these out: Checkerboard Nightmare, Shinkutokimekisempukaku, Tang's Weekly Comic, and Gomen Nasai. Go play. But first visit the forum, before Niriko cries. Then whoops yo' @$$.
strangefour November 28
    Ah, another week another comic strip. Life is good. Even if I've felt like crap the last few days (sinus infection or something). My illness hasn't inpeeded my sense of humor, it's still bitter ans sarcastic:P
    The lil' 'bot in the strip is based upon Honda's ASIMO with a bit o' the ol' P3 thrown in. And I've just started having fun with it. Mwahahahaha!!! *cough* Damn cold. I wish I could write more but I need sleep. ZZZzzzzzz...
strangefour November 25
    Well, here is the update a lil' late since last night the Keeniverse disappeared right when I tried to upload. Apparently it's all better now though. I was actually late doing the strip too, since I changed the whole script right before I drew it. The rewrite was due to an idea I had while laying on the floor after on turkey, and remembering a cute lil' habit of my friend Shortie (the main person Kassy is based on).
    And I keep forgetting to put this lil' strip by Buttery_Topping, with a cameo by Tofu (the Mac Daddy G-Cube) up. You can probably find it over at The Bench. Well somewhere in that Titan of community comicdom anyway. Which reminds me, I haven't used Tofu in a while. Hmmm...
    One more thing *inhale* GO TO THE FORUM!!! *exhale* It's so quite in there.
strangefour November 22
    Okay, first of all, I was gonna keep uploading to Tripoop for atleast the rest of the week but Keenspace is so much easier (once I figured it out that is). So I'm just gonna stay here. First I'll have to get every body that links to me to adjust. Should probably have the old page forward people here too.
    Also on the agenda is a lil' list. I got bored the other day and for Cthulhu only knows what reason I wrote up a list of things I would do with a time machine. I only listed stuff in my own life time not because of the Quantum Leap rules (which the show itself broke) but because I didn't want the list to go on forever:
    1--Go date Janeane Garofalo when we would be around the same age.
    2--Attempt to keep Metallica from going 'soft', if not add some gas when Hetfield catches fire.
    3--Mess with this 'Election That Wouldn't Die' to get President Elizabeth Dole & First Lady Bob Dole.
    4--Meet Akira Kurosawa, Elvis, Toshiro Mifune, and some other fun dead people.
    5--Kick Joe Maderiera repeatedly until Battle Chasers becomes monthly.
    6--Start Cartoon Network... Scratch that Toonami in 1985, and have all important shows voice acted in Canada. NOT TEXAS!
    7--Convince Keita Amemiya to do Iria: Zeiram the Animation as a TV series by Gainax.
    8--One word: lotto!
    9--Dean Devlin + Roland Emerick + one industrial can o' whoop ass = no bad Godzilla
    10--Find the makers of Xenogears and give them a slap for every hour that game robbed from my life.
    11--Get drunk with Denis Leary while he's writing the No Cure for Cancer material.
    12--Incite peace in the Holy Lands by having the UN take it over and make it a protected unarmed zone where only members of religious orders may live. Everyone else can just visit. If no body likes that idea, threaten to make it the Disney Holy Land:P
    13--Genetically engineer Niriko & unleash her on Japan 20 years ago.

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