Here are four lil' sketch ideas for
T-shirt designs I'm thinking about:
The main cast horizontally
The main cast horizontally
All of the cast vertically
All of the cast horizontally
A few pictures of random famale figures,
I blame Dark Angel, for the pouty lips:
First recent marker experiment
A mildly risque female study
Another risque female study
My lil' Keita Amemiya fetish drawings,
and other evil bio-morphic beings:
A Zeiram inspired deamon
Another Zeiram deamon
A spikey Guyver suit
A female Guyver suit
Haven't drawn a Dragon in a while
Two pieces of comic strip 'gift art'
for those strips I visit all the time:
Niriko visiting Lucy over at Wendy's place
Dante and the rest, from Angst Technology
Ralph and Bimbo, from Exploytation Now
First sketch of MegaTokyo's Piro and Largo
Second sketch of MegaTokyo's Piro and Largo